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The Sarasota Film Festival (SFF) is recognized as a world-class platform for thought-provoking films from some of the best known and emerging indepedent voices. Although we are one of nearly 850 film festivals in North America, we continually rank in the top ten. Your membership with SFF is an easy, affordable way to help us stay at the forefront and support independent filmmaking year-round. Your support will help us celebrate international artists, storytellers and enrich Sarasota's cultural landscape.


Volunteer Spotlight: Tommy Vu

tommy vuOur Volunteer coordinator Marlene Baldeweg-Rau writes a special feature on Volunteers every other week. This week, our Volunteer Spotlight is on Tommy Vu! Find out more about him in the article here. Volunteers like him are essential to SFF and apart of what makes our Festival so great.  We are proud to have his talent on our team!

SFF named in 'Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World'

MM Coolest Fest Laurels2016 outline

MovieMaker Magazine named SFF one of the Top 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World. Here's what they had to say about us:

"One of a couple "regional" exemplars on our list, SFF pairs a sharp selection of new indies with throwbacks to classic Hollywood, like this spring's guests Olympia Dukakis and Sophia Loren (and if it's cool enough for Sophia, it's cool enough for us). Programs also feature partnerships with non-profit Through Women's Eyes, wihch presents female-driven films at SFF, as well as the LGBT-centered Harvey Milk Festival. Overall, SFF is "extremely accomodating," says a panelist, who fondly remembers "a massive luncheon focusing on women filmmakers - we shared our experiences with one another and talked about our 'secrets.'" 

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What's Up Sarasota 2016 Festival Wrap-Up

Here's the "What's Up Sarasota" recap of the 2016 Sarasota Film Festival. It's a short, sweet teaser! If you didn't see any films, celebrities or attend any of the conversations, parties or even the traditional filmmaker karaoke party...don't let that happen again! What's Up Sarasota would like to thank the Sarasota Film Festival's Board of Directors, staff, volunteers, and visiting filmmakers for enriching our fabulous city. We love you Sarasota!

The 2016 Volunteer Video

This video was made to honor our dedicated and generous volunteers, and capture the action that goes into producing our Festival. There is no way to overstate the passion and efforts of the people who bring SFF to life each year. Volunteers - THANK YOU! We are humbled each year by the time you donate to our mission! We hope you enjoy this video which can only partially highlight all the fun we had in 2016.

SFF "In Conversation with" Rosie Perez


SFF "In Conversation with" Matthew Modine

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