Volunteer Spotlight: John Mitsch

john mitsch(SFF Volunteer, John Mitsch, on his way to pick up talent.)

Every filmmaker, talent, jury member, director or producer will be picked up from the airport by one of our Transportation Volunteers. For over 10 years, John Mitsch has shown up to the airport wearing his black Sarasota Film Festival polo and his long hair in a ponytail, ready to greet SFF guests with his huge grin and his blue, warm eyes. Thank you John for your many years of commitment.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Barry Kwartnik

barry screenshot(SFF Volunteers, Michael Mayers and Barry Kwartnik, preparing to set up an SFF event.)

During the Sarasota Film Festival, you might catch Barry Kwartnik wearing his SFF Volunteer shirt and Smiths sunglasses, riding through downtown Sarasota on his Orbea bike. Depending on his mood, Black Tongue, Infant Annihilator, Meshuggah or Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza music will be blaring out of his speakers. Volunteering with us since 2013, Barry is one of the key players in setting up and executing our well known events. We are grateful for Barry’s dedication, muscle and excellent taste in music.

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Volunteer Spotlight: Gibby Free

Screen Shot 2017 02 14 at 4.33.26 PMLast year, Gibby Free and her little brother Renton came into the SFF offices to volunteer. They volunteered in the Hollywood 20 in the Theater department and were amazing. I recently received an email from Gibby.

Hi Marlene,

Long time no talk! I was just emailing to let you know that I was just accepted into my dream school: Northeastern University, with a Dean's Scholarship. I'm going to be moving up to Boston during the fall of 2017, and I'm beyond excited. The reason why I'm telling you this is because...I actually wrote my essay about the Sarasota Film Festival...

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Volunteer Spotlight: Sue Schramm

Sue Schramm.jpg"As a life long educator, I am a strong supporter of the arts in schools and communities. The festival draws together individuals not only from Sarasota but across the globe. When we celebrate and nurture each other's creativity, talent, and diversity we are stronger as a community. I have seen first hand the excitement of our festival goers as they come to the box office to plan their movie schedules and purchase tickets. Many attend the festival each year. The conversations that take place are vibrant because of our love of film."

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