DAY 7 @ SFF!

Day 7 at SFF! Things are heating up as closing weekend is quickly approaching! Today we have the honor of screening Stanley Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket with Matthew Modine! Don't be the one to miss this incredible event! 
We are also offering a FREE ticket to any of our shorts programs with the purchase of a feature ticket! 
Don't forget your shorts!


Stanley Kubrick's 1987 Vietnam War masterwork still stuns nearly 30 years after its release. Matthew Modine is magnetic as Pvt. Joker, an unlikely soldier who journeys from the brutality of boot camp (and a barking drill sergeant memorably played by R. Lee Ermey) to the barbarism of the (often urban) Asian battlefield. Memorably split into two sections, Kubrick's vivid, penultimate film is intense, wry, sly and thought-provoking - a meditation on what happens to the mind as it prepares for, and partakes in the act of killing. Paired with Modine's illuminating "Full Metal Jacket Diary" book and App, this is an unforgettable sensory experience.
Matthew Modine will be in attendance.
Thu, Apr 7 8:00 PM

A longtime passion project for legendary British director Terence Davies, SUNSET SONG is based on the classic novel by Lewis Grassic Gibbon, considered to be one of the greatest Scottish novels of the 20th century. Agyness Deyn is a true revelation as Chris Guthrie, a young Scottish woman coming of age just before World War I. When the war disrupts her rural community, bringing forth unexpected change, she must find the strength necessary to overcome these difficulties. Shot on glorious 65mm film, the cinematography seems almost otherworldly in its beauty and lyricism. Slow and thoughtful, SUNSET SONG rewards patient viewers with a deeply moving experience.
Thu, Apr 7 2:45 PM
Creepy industrial waste and mysterious corporate poisonings trouble a mild-mannered factory inspector in this David Lynch-esque black comedy-mystery. After a small-town sugar refinery plant closes, Mr. Black, the oversight assessor, discovers that opiate addiction, medical problems, and other odd goings-on that are rampant in the area. However, the more Mr. Black investigates the corruption, the murkier things become. Directors Brian George and Galen Jackson maintain a palpable sense of dread and paranoia amidst rust-colored quirkiness.
Thu, Apr 7 1:45 PM 
One of the most potent political meltdowns of the modern era gets its closeup in this stunning behind-the-scenes documentary. Former Congressman Anthony Weiner had survived a devastating sexting scandal to become an unlikely frontrunner in the 2013 New York mayor's race. Then a second sexting scandal erupts, this time with a young woman determined to get face time. Codirector Josh Kriegman, Weiner's former chief of staff, gets incredible access to his former boss and his wife, Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin. What Kriegman and Elyse Steinberg capture on film is a dissection of how one high-profile figure's personal, political, public and private moments intersect.
Thu, Apr 7 5:30 PM
Sat, Apr 9 5:45 PM

You know what would be even better than an observational narrative film about what life is like for 21st century young people in Warsaw? A vérité documentary about what life is like for 21st century young people in Warsaw. Sounds too good to be true, but here it is. It helps that director/cinematographer Michal Marczak has a great eye for composition and lighting, as you might expect from his experience. As he follows his two subjects, Krzysztof and Michal all over town, inseparable even when they are pursuing the same woman, the banalities of teenage life eventually acquire a certain gravitas, and the audience feels a part of it all. ALL THESE SLEEPLESS NIGHTS feels completely immersive, and completely beautiful.
Thu, Apr 7 8:45 PM
Sun, Apr 10 3:45 PM


MORRIS FROM AMERICA tells the touching story of Curtis and Morris, an African-American father and son living in Heidelberg, Germany. In an environment that is utterly foreign to both of them, their relationship flows along with the hip hop beats they so often exchange. Among his peers, Morris struggles with racial stereotypes as the German kids expect him to be a great basketball player like Kobe Bryant, or a skillful dancer like Michael Jackson. Ironically, his real dream would be just as easy for them to understand -- he wants to be a great rapper. Once a beautiful older girl begins to show interest in him, the stakes are raised dramatically. An important movie in the year of #OscarsSoWhite -- and an entertaining one at that.
Thu, Apr 7 9:30 PM
Fri, Apr 8 6:00 PM
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