Always in Season

Documentary (Feature)

When a black high school student was found hanging from a swing-set in 2014, local NC police were quick to deem the death a suicide. Director Jacqueline Olive in this debut feature documentary begs to differ. This is the story of how lynching, one of the most appalling and pervasive forms of terrorism in America, remains to this day as an insidious threat to black Americans' safety and peace of mind... sometimes even in collusion with law enforcement. In a year where the US finally classified lynching as a federal offense and erected a monument to the victims of this brutal crime, ALWAYS IN SEASON is a story everyone must hear, and no one will soon forget.

Showings – select to order tickets:
Apr 14th @ 1:30 pm @ Auditorium 4
  • Runtime:
    1:28:00 minutes
  • Country:
  • Director:
    Jacqueline Olive
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