2021 SFF Films


17 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Guarded by police, unable to leave home, young Colin isn't allowed the questions he's full of.
ShortsCrimeChildrenFlorida Narrative ShortsFamilyPoliceFlorida Film

A Kaddish For Bernie Madoff

75 | USA | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 6th @ 12:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
A KADDISH FOR BERNIE MADOFF is a mystical meta-musical about the greatest financial fraud in history, as seen through the eyes of musician/poet Alicia Jo Rabins.
JudaismIndie Visions CompetitionMusicFeature Film

A Life's Work

90 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Filmed over 15 years in locations throughout the US, A LIFE’S WORK is a documentary about people engaged with projects they will not complete in their lifetime, projects that could have a positive, profound global effect. It is a meditation on deep time and long-term thinking, something us humans have never been good at but need to embrace now more than ever.
ScienceDocumentaryFeature Film

A World Free Of Crisis

27 | France | 2020

Virtual Screening
Single-ness illegal, compatibility a luxury, Emilie interviews for a relationship, but what of her own dreams?
ShortsFemale Led European Narrative ShortsWomenRomanceSci-Fi / FantasyRelationshipsInternational Film


23 | Sweden | 2020

Virtual Screening
Victoria dismantles her carer Ida's unconscious conflation of her wheelchair-use with lack of libido.
ShortsFemale Led European Narrative ShortsWomenSexDisabilityInternational Film

All The Young Dudes

9 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A glam-rock-living classmate's courage to be himself ignites the same in Jacob.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsLGBTQMusicFlorida Film

An Occurrence At Arverne

8 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Unconscious bias will frame what's onscreen as audiences watch a black man search for house keys.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsAfrican American SidebarPoliceThriller

And Then

17 | Japan | 2021

Virtual Screening
Mana, a work-weary artist on hiatus in Tokyo, falls for Haru, an aspiring one.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQRomanceRelationshipsArtWomenAsianInternational Film


16 | Ukraine | 2019

Virtual Screening
A Ukrainian meat processing worker dreams of a better life for her daughter and herself.
ShortsFemale Led European Narrative ShortsWomenFamilyInternational Film


20 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Gender roles and societal expectations are deconstructed in this darkly hilarious affront to systemic misogyny.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsWomenGenderComedyCrimeRelationshipsAnimals


40 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Guarded by police, unable to leave home, young Colin isn't allowed the questions he's full of.
ShortsAmerican Dreams: Documentary ShortsImmigrationLatinoDocumentary

Bad Candy

11 | United States | 2019

Virtual Screening
Broke, homeless, desperate... Candice holds out for a diner job and for a little hope.
ShortsNYU ShortsWomen


10 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Unborn souls await offers to live lives, until one life is offered that no one wants.
ShortsNarrative ShortsSci-Fi / Fantasy

Best Summer Ever

80 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 6th @ 2:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
A fresh, exhilarating, and inclusive take on the beloved teen musical genre featuring 8 original songs and a fully integrated cast and crew of people with and without disabilities.
Narrative CompetitionMusicFeature Film


71 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 4th @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 5th @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
A young woman (Maya Danzig) living in rural Iowa dreams of becoming a dancer. She meets a stranger named Elsa (Aminah Nieves) who challenges her to run away with her to Rapid City and enter a dance contest. The two escape to the Badlands where their journey is cut short by reality.
Indie Visions CompetitionFeature Film

Body Of The Mined

15 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
After seeing her neighbor's curious invention, a woman's existence is jeopardized when criminals break in.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsThrillerSci-Fi / Fantasy

Born To Play

92 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 5:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 5th @ 8:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
After losing last year’s championship, equipped with heart, hustle, and hope, the “Boston Renegades” (a women’s tackle football team with players ranging in age from 19-49) are on the path to redemption. These unpaid athletes from a vast spectrum of backgrounds dedicate both their time and their bodies to pursue their passion, all while maintaining full-time careers.
Feature FilmSpotlightDocumentarySportsChildren

Broken Signals

18 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Meeting Mae reinvigorates listless and lonely Mason, but theirs seems to be a missed connection...
ShortsRomanceMusicRelationshipsArtFoodUS Narrative Competition Shorts

Carl The Exorcist

10 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Armed with Scripture and sage, inexperienced priest Carl and pet-psychic Christina perform an exorcism.
ShortsMidnight ShortsComedyHorrorSci-Fi / Fantasy


89 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 6th @ 9:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
In 2002, a young American couple travel to the arctic mountains of Norway. After pulling over during a snowstorm, they wake up trapped in their SUV, buried underneath layers of snow and Ice. Matthew and Naomi realize they must work together to survive in a crippling battle against the elements, hypothermia, disturbing hallucinations, and plunging temperatures reaching as low as -30C. Will they make it out of this alive?
Feature FilmNarrative FeaturesMidnight Movie

Charlotte Mansfield: A Woman Photographer Goes To War

27 | United States | 2019

Virtual Screening
Through photos, letters, and interviews, this FSU- produced documentary chronicles war photographer Charlotte Mansfield's pioneering career.
ShortsFlorida Documentary ShortsDocumentaryFlorida FilmWomenHistoryWar

Chasing Childhood

85 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 4:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 5th @ 12:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Overprotected and overdirected, American children are wilting under the weight of well-meaning parents. CHASING CHILDHOOD follows education professionals and reformed helicopter parents seeking solutions to develop more confident and independent young people, while restoring some joy and freedom to their childhoods.
Documentary CompetitionFeature FilmChildren


97 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 5:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 6th @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
After a string of unsuccessful and awkward encounters with women, Ben comes out to the world and develops an intense relationship with Sam, a man of color struggling with deep wounds of his own. As the summer progresses and their intimacy grows, Ben ultimately gains the strength to face a childhood trauma he has long suppressed.
LGBTQNarrative CompetitionFeature FilmMental HealthRomance

City Of A Million Dreams

89 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Today, as they have for more than a century, New Orleans jazz funerals and Sunday second line parades absorb the pain of death and the legacy of racism, soaring to the transcendent joy of rebirth. A violent storm and a parade shooting plunge clarinetist Dr. Michael White and culture carrier Deb "Big Red" Cotton into a search for the city’s soul.
Feature FilmDocumentaryAfrican American SidebarMusic

Come F*ck My Robot

12 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Brian responds to a Craigslist ad in this treatise on consent dressed as a bawdy sex comedy.
ShortsMidnight ShortsComedySexSci-Fi / Fantasy


17 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A man's nightmares and waking hours begin to blur in this tense and terrifying thriller.
ShortsMidnight ShortsHorrorThriller

Dangerous Ladies

67 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 2:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 6th @ 6:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
With many of its scenes filmed in Sarasota's Studio Theater, DANGEROUS LADIES utilizes historical photos, dramatic monologues, and even song to look back on the suffragists and their precursors, whose courage ultimate led to women being given the right to vote with the ratification of the 19th amendment.
Feature FilmDocumentaryLocal Spotlight

Desert Heart

17 | Israel | 2021

Virtual Screening
Traversing their differences and their pasts, Romi and her brother Yoni hike the Israeli desert.
ShortsNarrative ShortsGriefFamilyInternational Film

Dream Horse

113 | United States | 2021

May 8th @ 6:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Experience the inspiring true story of Dream Alliance, an unlikely race horse bred by small town bartender, Jan Vokes (Toni Collette). With very little money and no experience, Jan convinces her neighbors to chip in their meager earnings to help raise Dream and compete with the racing elites. Their investment pays off as Dream rises through the ranks and becomes a beacon of hope in their struggling community. Also starring Damian Lewis.
Feature FilmNarrative FeaturesClosing Night

Driving Home To New Orleans

70 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Augie, in the last act of his life, is on a road trip from Los Angeles to New Orleans; he hasn’t been home since he was 17. His journey is about friendship, racism, what we have in common, and the things that bond us rather than pull us apart.
Feature FilmAfrican American Sidebar


20 | France | 2020

Virtual Screening
Out partying, a trans woman contemplates her relationship with her gay boyfriend in light of her gender.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQMusicRelationshipsInternational FilmGender

East Of Middle West

104 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A teenage runaway and a widowed father each fight to take matters into their own hands to redeem their dark past.
Feature FilmCrimePoliceThrillerGrief

End Of The Line: The Women Of Standing Rock

90 | United States, Finland | 2021

Virtual Screening
END OF THE LINE: THE WOMEN OF STANDING ROCK captures history in the making, as a small group of indigenous women establish a peaceful camp in protest of the $3.8 billion oil pipeline construction that threatens their land, water, and very existence. When their camp’s population exceeds 10,000, the women unwittingly find themselves the leaders of a global movement.
DocumentaryFeature FilmIndigenousWomen

F*ck You, Seth

7 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A woman relives her attraction to, feelings for, hurts from, and anger towards her ex.
ShortsWomenRelationshipsUS Narrative Competition Shorts


89 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
An intimate portrait of a boxing gym in the small town of Conroe, Texas. The film is constructed as an allegory for the challenges faced by people of color and immigrants in the US.
SportsFeature FilmDocumentary

Feathers And Lead

20 | France | 2020

Virtual Screening
Paternal expectations plague young and tender Léo on a hunting trip on which he's meant to kill.
ShortsThrough Children's Eyes: European Narrative ShortsFamilyChildrenAnimalsInternational Film


125 | Bulgaria, France | 2020

Virtual Screening
FEBRUARY follows the life of a man at the ages of eight, eighteen, and eighty-two, 3 stages of life, 3 seasons on the edge of eastern rural Bulgaria, in his village, outside the village, in the heat of the sun, and in the freezing snow. Over the years, this unusual man follows his path and accepts his destiny without regret.
Feature Film

Feelings Of Invisibility

13 | Canada | 2021

Virtual Screening
Anne, an artist with CP, annihilates assumptions about disabled individuals' creativity, sexuality, and capacity for love.
ShortsDocumentary Competition ShortsDocumentaryWomenDisabilityArt


117 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
FILTERED is an honest look at ten teenagers and the effects of media on their psychological states over the course of a year.
Feature FilmMusicChildren

Fire In The Mountains

84 | India | 2021

Virtual Screening
Set in a tourist homestay in the Himalayan foothills of northern India, FIRE IN THE MOUNTAINS centers around a woman (Vinamrata Rai), the sole breadwinner for her household, who scrimps and saves for her son’s medical treatment while her alcoholic husband believes that an expensive shamanic ritual is the answer to all their woes.
WomenFeature FilmNarrative Features

Five Minutes

5 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
How will a wounded woman allowed five minutes of freedom away from her abusive boyfriend spend them?
ShortsWomenAbuseUS Narrative Competition Shorts

Florida Woman

21 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Side stepping sensationalism, this documentary finds humanity in the story of Mary Thorn's pet alligator: Rambo.
ShortsDocumentary ShortsDocumentaryFlorida FilmAnimalsWomen

G's Southern Kitchen

8 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
His supportive wife couldn't bet on his talent for him, Chef G had to bet on himself...
ShortsFlorida Documentary ShortsDocumentaryFlorida FilmAfrican American SidebarFood

Generation Growth

96 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Health and educational outcomes in low-income areas across America are staggering low. Stephen Ritz is out to change that. He developed a curriculum that allows children to grow vegetables in the classroom, be more engaged with school, and give them pathways to jobs. GENERATION GROWTH follows Ritz as he expands his program across the country: bringing hope, health, and opportunity to those who need it the most.
HealthFeature FilmDocumentaryChildren


17 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A talented Filipino American singer's Vegas career stagnates as she feels increasingly distant from her daughter.
ShortsUS Narrative Competition ShortsWomenMusicImmigrationAsian

Hello From Taiwan

16 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Fault lines (cultural, relational, and geological) threaten a tenuously reunited Taiwanese American family in the late '80s.
ShortsUS Narrative Competition ShortsChildrenImmigrationFamilyAsian


125 | Norway | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 5th @ 3:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
What happens with love when a woman in the middle of her life gets 3 months left to live? In Norway’s official entry for the 2021 Oscars, 43-year-old Anja lives with 59-year-old Tomas in a large family of biological children and stepchildren. For years, the couple have grown independent of each other. When Anja gets a terminal brain cancer diagnosis the day before Christmas, their life breaks down and exposes neglected love.
Narrative FeaturesSpotlight

How To Be A Good Wife

109 | France | 2020

Virtual Screening
It’s 1967. Immaculate and morally upright Paulette Van Der Beck (Juliette Binoche) and her husband have been running “Van der Beck’s School Of Housekeeping And Good Manners” for over two decades, with the help of Paulette’s eccentric stepsister Gilberte and the school’s communist-fearing, ex-Resistance nun Marie-Therese. Their mission: train teenagers to become perfect housewives, in times when women were expected to be largely subservient.
Narrative FeaturesFeature Film

I Was A Simple Man

100 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 8:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 4th @ 6:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
A family in Hawaii faces the imminent death of its eldest as the ghosts of the past haunt the countryside.
Narrative CompetitionFeature Film

I'm Not A Robot

3 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
When an applicant can't complete a captcha test, his interview escalates from cordial to combative.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsSci-Fi / FantasyComedy


107 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Sam (Parker Padgett) is in the prime of his life—senior year, carefree, good friends and a new girlfriend, Ana (Devon Hales). When a surprise pregnancy forces Sam to face the realities of adulthood and responsibility, things spiral out of control, as he simultaneously tries to fight to find his own truth: why his dad hasn’t been in his life since one, fading memory.
Narrative FeaturesFlorida FilmRomanceFamilyCrimeLocal Spotlight

In Defense Of Civil Society

9 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
This acerbic political satire is an emotionally incisive denouncement of white privilege, profiling, and Islamophobia.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsImmigrationComedyIslam

In The Water Behind The Lens

57 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
A film about water photographers and the dangers and challenges they face to get the shot seen in magazines and covers all over the world.
Feature FilmDocumentary


15 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
With only Detective Byrnes support, Genevieve (a clairvoyant PI) assists in a skeptical police forces investigation.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsWomenCrimePoliceThrillerFlorida Film

Iron Head

20 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Despite evidence she's become a contract killer, Miles searches for his sister at his own peril.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsThrillerPoliceCrime

Isula Di Fimmini

15 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Filmmaker Jessica Wright imagines the sacrifices her great grandmother made for her family generations ago.
ShortsNYU ShortsWomenImmigrationFamily


15 | Spain | 2020

Virtual Screening
Julia's fear of exposure and lack of familial support suppress her titillatingly terrific comedic talent.
ShortsFemale Led European Narrative ShortsWomenComedyArtInternational Film

Just A Guy

15 | Germany | 2020

Virtual Screening
In this animated documentary, multiple women instigate relationships with serial-killer Richard Ramirez through letters.
ShortsMidnight ShortsCrimeAnimationDocumentaryInternational Film

Kitty Daniels With Majid Shabazz: Jazz Legends

15 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
These musical legends not only helped shape jazz, but continue to inspire Tampa Bay talent today.
ShortsFlorida Documentary ShortsDocumentaryMusicAfrican American SidebarWomenFlorida Film


84 | Germany, Italy, Sweden, United States | 2019

Virtual Screening
LIGO tells the thrilling inside story of the discovery of gravitational waves from deep space (which earned this film's principal subjects an immediate 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics). The documentary begins with its filmmaker’s innocent arrival at the LIGO Louisiana observatory in September of 2015, and it is then almost immediately swept up in one of the greatest scientific sagas in recent history.
Feature FilmScienceDocumentary

La Restauración

93 | Peru | 2020

Virtual Screening
Fifty, living with his mother Rosa, and desperate for financial independence, Tato decides to sell her house without her consent. To make her think she is still living in her old bedroom, Tato places her in a crudely similar space covered in plastic (to create the illusion that the house is being renovated). For how long, and at what cost, will Tato be able to sustain this impossible farce?
Feature FilmNarrative Features

La Virgen, La Vieja, El Viaje

10 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Far from her family, Rocio (a Colombian immigrant in NY) finds out her grandmother is severely ill.
ShortsNarrative ShortsWomenLatinoImmigrationGrief


93 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
This visually striking and kaleidoscopic portrait of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria crisscrosses the island to document the resilience of a community banding together to rebuild. A compassionate and stirring cinematic essay, LANDFALL examines the dual environmental and economic crises of not only a natural disaster, but the American disaster of colonialism (and its economic legacies).
Feature FilmDocumentary


24 | Hungary | 2020

Virtual Screening
A brave woman plans to ferry two Jewish children out of Budapest during the Holocaust.
ShortsInternational Narrative Competition ShortsHistoryWomenWarBlack & White FilmsInternational Film

Life After You

89 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
LIFE AFTER YOU is a narrative feature film centered around a suburban family’s struggle with the death of their 19-year-old son, following his overdose of heroin laced with fentanyl. The film explores the question of who and what is responsible for this tragedy.
Narrative FeaturesFeature Film

Lily Topples The World

91 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Filmed for over 3 years across countless cities, LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD is the unlikely American tale of a quiet adopted Chinese girl who transforms into a global artistic force. It follows 20-year-old sensation Lily Hevesh (the world’s greatest domino toppler and the only girl in her field) as she rises as an artist, role model, and young woman, proving that passion and artistry really can make dreams come true.
DocumentaryFeature Film

Limitation Of Life

13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A '50s-era Chinese American housewife relives her memories of Shanghai to her daughter's great chagrin.
ShortsNYU ShortsAsianWomen


111 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 5th @ 2:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Released from prison after 15 years, Wayland (Pablo Schreiber) returns to his blue-collar hometown and inadvertently reconnects with his high school girlfriend Dolores (Jena Malone), now a single mother struggling to support her 3 kids (all named after different shades of blue). Wayland moves in with the chaotic family and becomes a reluctant yet much-needed father figure. Struggling to pay the bills, Wayland finds himself drawn back to his old ways as Dolores dreams of living in LA.
Narrative CompetitionFeature FilmNarrative Features

Lovemaking Of Trolls

9 | Germany | 2021

Virtual Screening
An online troll inadvertently invites a real one into his dreary cave of an apartment.
ShortsMidnight ShortsHorrorComedyInternational Film

Magnum Opus

13 | Tunisia | 2020

Virtual Screening
A sculptor strives to recreate the female form in this macabre, disturbing, and sensual examination of obsession.
ShortsMidnight ShortsHorrorArtBlack & White FilmsInternational Film

Make Him Known

20 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
WNBA star Maya Moore pauses her career to advocate for the wrongfully imprisoned Jonathan Iron's release.
ShortsDocumentary Competition ShortsAfrican American SidebarSportsRelationshipsDocumentary

Martha: A Picture Story

82 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
In 1970s New York, photographer Martha Cooper captured some of the first images of graffiti at a time when the city had declared war on it. Decades later, Cooper has become influential to the global movement of street artists.
Feature FilmDocumentary

Meat The Future

88 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
MEAT THE FUTURE is a timely documentary about “cultivated meat”, a food science that grows real meat from animal cells and a sustainable way to feed the world without the need to breed and slaughter animals. At the forefront of this new frontier is cardiologist Dr. Uma Valeti, co-founder and CEO of “Memphis Meats”. The film follows Valeti over three years as production prices continue to plummet and consumers eye the birth of this industry.
ScienceGlobal Warming

Miss Florida

11 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
In this exercise in tension, a barefoot woman breaks into a pregnant Sarasota couple's home.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsFlorida FilmCrimeThriller

Missing In Brooks County

81 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Two families search for their loved ones who went missing in the vast ranch lands of Brooks County, Texas, the site of more migrant deaths than anywhere else in the country. On their journey, they meet vigilante ranchers, humanitarian activists, Border Patrol search and rescue teams, and others locked in a proxy version of the national immigration debate.
Feature FilmDocumentary

My Octopus Teacher

85 | South Africa | 2020

May 2nd @ 6:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Emmy nominated filmmaker Craig Foster forges an unusual friendship with an octopus living in a South African kelp forest, learning as the animal shares the mysteries of her world in this Academy Award nominated documentary.
Feature FilmDocumentary

No Ordinary Man

84 | Canada | 2020

Virtual Screening
The legacy of Billy Tipton, a 20th-century American jazz musician and trans icon, is brought to life by a diverse group of contemporary trans artists. Gaining fame throughout the United States in the ‘40s and ’50s, Tipton’s trans identity was not known until after his death in 1989. This documentary maps out Tipton’s undeniable legacy while also examining the disgraceful media scrutiny his family endured after his death.
LGBTQMusicFeature FilmDocumentary

Not A Word

18 | France | 2020

Virtual Screening
Resolute despite her fear, a courageous woman goes to confront her childhood abuser on his death-bed.
ShortsInternational FilmInternational Narrative Competition ShortsWomenAbuse

Of Hearts And Castles

15 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Upon meeting a man whose heart is on his right side, Marcus' feels less broken.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQRomance

On The Ride

13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A widower's bike ride leads him to where the beats of his husband's heart continue.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQGrief

One All The Way

25 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Three friends bond over hot dogs and memories of their once industrial city: Paterson, NJ.
ShortsDocumentary Competition ShortsFoodHistoryDocumentary

One Moment

115 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Starring legendary actor Danny Aiello in his final film performance, ONE MOMENT is the humorous and heartwarming story of middle-aged siblings struggling to manage their own lives while also caring for their recently widowed aging father. Welcome to the “Sandwich Generation”.
Feature FilmNarrative Features

Original Splendor

17 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
The restoration of (and history housed within) the Sarasota Courthouse is explored in this documentary.
ShortsDocumentary ShortsHistoryWomenDocumentaryFlorida Film

P.S. Burn This Letter Please

106 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A box of letters, held in secret for nearly 60 years, ignites a 5-year exploration into a part of LGBTQ history that has never been told. The letters, written in the ‘50s by a group of New York City drag queens, open a window into a forgotten world where being yourself meant breaking the law. This astounding film reconstructs this pre-Stonewall era as 9 former drag queens, now in their 80s and 90s, reveal how they survived and even flourished against all odds.
LGBTQFeature FilmDocumentary

Raw Honey

21 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Bonded with his bees (filmed here in stunning detail), Rye (a Sarasota beekeeper) builds up his business.
ShortsFlorida Documentary ShortsDocumentaryFlorida FilmAnimals

Red Light

13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
An escort's boundaries begin to blur between her and a client nursing deep-seeded pain.
ShortsFlorida Narrative ShortsFlorida FilmSexRelationshipsWomenGrief

Rita Moreno: Just A Girl Who Decided To Go For It

90 | United States | 2021

Apr 30th @ 7:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Virtual Screening
A look at the life and work of Rita Moreno from her humble beginnings in Puerto Rico to her success on Broadway and in Hollywood.
Feature FilmDocumentaryOpening Night

Rubber Gun Club

10 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
After a fellow officer takes his life, Chris is forced to reckon with his own suicidal ideations.
ShortsNYU ShortsPoliceMental Health


73 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
Featuring interviews with John Lewis and Julian Bond, hundreds of 35mm stills shot in the deep south at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, and recordings made inside churches in the early ‘60s, Danny Lyon’s film chronicles one of the most successful student organizations in history: the SNCC, the point of the spear that brought Jim Crow to its knees.
Feature FilmDocumentaryAfrican American Sidebar


91 | Switzerland, United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
On the barrier island of Sapelo, two brothers, JerMarkest and Johnathan, are growing up in the last remaining enclave of the Saltwater Geechee people. Reflecting on the complicated splendor of her youth, their adoptive mother Cornelia Walker Bailey, strives to shepherd her young sons through theirs. At the dawn of adolescence, the brothers inherit her hope, but their bond is tested as they begin to face the wider world.
Feature FilmDocumentaryAfrican American Sidebar


15 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Naya's Latino family is Catholic, her brother is a Muslim convert, but who is she?
ShortsNYU ShortsLatinoWomenIslam


80 | Russia, USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
SHTETLERS tells the secret story of small Jewish towns in the former Soviet Union where traditional Jewish life continued for decades after disappearing everywhere else. The film offers the last glimpse into the lives of shtetlers, both Jewish and non-Jewish, scattered all around the world.
JudaismHistoryFeature FilmDocumentary

Snake Dick

8 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
In this slow-burn feminist standoff, two women repairing their car unleash a surprise when harassed.
ShortsMidnight ShortsWomenThrillerHorrorSci-Fi / Fantasy


12 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
This charming documentary spotlights Snowy, a 4"-long pet turtle, and investigates "house pet happiness".
ShortsDocumentary ShortsAnimalsFamilyDocumentary


13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A foreboding paranoia progressively overcomes and affable latchkey kid after he solely witnesses and attack.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsChildrenThriller

Squirrel Wars

9 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A neo-burlesque pioneer, quirky Billie Madley wages political wars in squirrel-lovimg Facebook groups.
ShortsDocumentary ShortsAnimalsWomenComedyDocumentary

State Of Rodeo

57 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
STATE OF RODEO follows the stories of the people that keep the Rodeo tradition alive and explores the 500-year history that binds generations of Floridians from the first Spanish explorers, to the Native American cow-keepers, to the pioneer Cracker families, and even to today's urban cowboys. This is Florida, this is the State of Rodeo.
Feature FilmDocumentaryFlorida FilmAnimals


15 | Belgium | 2020

Virtual Screening
After winning, a young gymnast is regarded more like a prized pony than a child.
ShortsThrough Children's Eyes: European Narrative ShortsInternational FilmChildrenSports

Still Processing

17 | Canada | 2020

Virtual Screening
Filmmaker Sophy Romvari processes intimate childhood photos, reflecting on familial losses, personal pains, and joyous memories.
ShortsDocumentary Competition ShortsFamilyGriefArtDocumentary

Strawberry Mansion

90 | USA | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 2:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
In a world where the government records and taxes dreams, an unassuming dream auditor gets swept up in a cosmic journey through the life and dreams of an aging eccentric named Bella. Together, they must find a way back home.
Feature FilmIndie Visions CompetitionNarrative Features


13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Golden-yeared gamers enjoy camaraderie and competition at an annual assisted-living Wii Bowling tournament.
ShortsDocumentary ShortsSportsRelationshipsDocumentary


95 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 9:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 4th @ 9:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Over the course of a hot summer day in Los Angeles, the lives of 25 young Angelenos intersect. A skating guitarist, a tagger, two wannabe rappers, an exasperated fast-food worker, a limo driver—they all weave in and out of each other’s stories. Through poetry they express life, love, heartache, family, home, and fear. One of them just wants to find someplace that still serves good cheeseburgers.
SpotlightLatinoAfrican American SidebarLGBTQAsianWomenMusicRelationships

Television Event

91 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
This documentary views the climax of the Cold War through the lens of the television network that produced America’s most watched made-for-TV-movie, THE DAY AFTER (1983). With irreverent humor and sobering apocalyptic vision, it reveals how a commercial broadcaster seized a moment of unprecedented television viewership, made an emotional connection with an audience, and forced an urgent conversation with the US President on his policy towards nuclear proliferation.
HistoryThe Cold WarDocumentary

The Acolyte

14 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A doomsday cult's newest recruit (courtesy of a temp agency) isn't fully onboard with its mission.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsComedyBlack & White FilmsSci-Fi / Fantasy

The Bears On Pine Ridge

39 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
In the midst of Pine Ridge's suicide crisis, "Tiny" DeCory's performance-art-based "Bears" based program saves lives.
ShortsAmerican Dreams: Documentary ShortsWomenMental HealthIndigenousArtDocumentary

The Boys Who Said No

95 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
The story of the successful youth-led resistance movement to the Vietnam War with the love story between folk icon Joan Baez and imprisoned resister David Harris at its center.
Feature FilmDocumentaryWar

The Bubble

93 | Switzerland, Austria | 2021

Virtual Screening
In the “Villages” (the world’s largest retirement community) there are not only supermarkets, but also bars and restaurants. From belly dancing to synchronized swimming, everything that a pensioner’s heart desires is offered. But what appears to be the fulfilment of the American dream at first glance, cracks upon closer inspection. After all, maintaining this bubble not only has a price for its inhabitants, but also for the world around them.
Feature FilmDocumentary

The Cow

17 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
A bovine Beelzebub, husky pebbles, and a burger with bite await in this ferociously funny film!
ShortsMidnight ShortsComedySci-Fi / Fantasy

The Departure

25 | Morocco | 2020

Virtual Screening
Young Adil grapples with leaving Morocco and his mother to live with his father in France.
ShortsInternational Narrative Competition ShortsInternational FilmChildrenFamily

The Dilemma Of Desire

68 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
THE DILEMMA OF DESIRE is an exploration of “cliteracy,” and the clash between the power of gender politics and the imperatives of female sexual desire.
WomenSexFeature FilmDocumentary

The Drummer

100 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Set in 2008, THE DRUMMER revolves around active and former members of the United States military. With the US engaged in seemingly perpetual war, these men’s and women’s traumas suffered abroad continue to be felt at home. This film depicts the universal, devastating, and lasting effects of all wars on the human body and psyche.
VeteransFeature FilmNarrative Features

The FBI's Secret War

15 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
This probing profile reveals how "Vietnam Veterans Against the War" were targeted/infiltrated by their government.
ShortsDocumentary Competition ShortsHistoryWarThrillerDocumentary

The Gesture And The Word

23 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Join a postman, a poetic professor, long distance lovers, and a flirtatious florist in this enchanting film!
ShortsUS Narrative Competition ShortsRomanceRelationshipsArt

The Growing Garden

28 | United States | 2021

A precocious & imaginative young girl & her outgoing best friend embark on a daily musical journey of learning about life, inclusion, growth & themselves while exploring her grandmother’s magical garden, learning from the garden’s residents & sharing their experiences while under the mentoring & watchful eye of Mr. Sun in the sky.

The Jump

85 | Lithuania | 2020

Virtual Screening
1970: In a frantic bid for political asylum, a Lithuanian sailor jumps across 10 feet of the Atlantic’s icy water from a Soviet fishing vessel to an American patrol boat’s deck. To his horror, the Americans return him to the Soviets. Told through incredible archival footage and re-lived by the would-be defector Simas Kudirka, the film chronicles a stranger-than-fiction journey of imprisonment, twists of fate, and the price of becoming a symbol of freedom.
The Cold WarHistoryFeature FilmDocumentary

The Kicksled Choir

18 | Norway | 2020

Virtual Screening
Gabriel's hardened father hinders his dream of singing with a local choir that fundraises for refugees.
ShortsThrough Children's Eyes: European Narrative ShortsInternational FilmChildrenFamilyMusic

The Little Tea Shop

17 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Run by an industrious immigrant, the female-founded Little Tea Shop is a Memphis mainstay.
ShortsDocumentary ShortsWomenHistoryFoodDocumentary

The Lonely Prince

15 | India | 2020

Virtual Screening
Though surrounded by female guards, a desert prince feels alone until a handsome sculptor arrives.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQInternational FilmRomance

The Mechanical Dancer

13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
In this ode to silent cinema, a deranged inventor kidnaps ballerina's to create a mechanical dancer.
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsAnimationHorrorRomanceFlorida Film

The Patron Saint Of Pop Culture

16 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
Pop-culture-obsessed Cam Parker creates, gifts (to celebrities), and surrounds himself with his art.
ShortsFlorida Documentary ShortsFlorida FilmAfrican American SidebarLGBTQArtDocumentary

The Process Of Recovering

78 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 4th @ 4:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 6th @ 3:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
THE PROCESS OF RECOVERING is a story of trauma and recovery as told by Marcia Wickham, a childhood incest survivor. The project draws upon 7 years of production and 55 hours of VHS home movies to address the question: in an age of disclosure, what comes next?
Documentary CompetitionFeature Film

The Revolution Generation

80 | United States | 2021

Virtual Screening
May 6th @ 8:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
Narrated and starring Michelle Rodriguez (Lost, Avatar, The Fast and Furious), THE REVOLUTION GENERATION is a manifesto for today's youth on the societal forces that have shaped and held back their generation, and how they can deploy their unique strengths to save the climate.

The Road Up

93 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
THE ROAD UP follows 4 participants in “Cara”, a Chicago-based job-training program. Together, their stories create a powerful mosaic of the daunting and often interconnected challenges that prevent so many Americans from getting (and keeping) a job. Because when all that’s behind you is wreckage, and everything ahead is an obstacle, how do you find the road up?
Feature FilmDocumentary

The Wake

25 | France | 2019

Virtual Screening
Secular Salim returns home to his devout and traditional Muslim family for his mother's wake.
ShortsNarrative ShortsInternational FilmIslamFamilyGrief

The Wetman

13 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
He's the superhero you only just discovered moments ago, and he's already got a sequel!
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsFlorida FilmComedy

Three Times

20 | Spain | 2020

Virtual Screening
His parents away, Mario invites a stranger over for a hookup in this subversive cultural commentary.
ShortsInternational Narrative Competition ShortsInternational FilmLGBTQSexThrillerAbuse

Through The Night

76 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 4th @ 7:00 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
To make ends meet, people in the US are working longer hours across multiple jobs. This modern reality of non-stop work has resulted in an unexpected phenomenon: the flourishing of 24-hour daycare centers. THROUGH THE NIGHT is a verité documentary that explores the personal cost of our modern economy through the stories of 2 working mothers and a childcare provider whose lives intersect at a 24-hour daycare center.
Documentary CompetitionFeature FilmChildrenAfrican American Sidebar

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

12 | China | 2020

Virtual Screening
The titular song both inspires and scores pivotal and defining moments in a man's life.
ShortsInternational Narrative Competition ShortsInternational FilmMusicRelationshipsRomance

Under The Stars Of Paris

86 | France, Belgium | 2020

Virtual Screening
Christine is homeless in Paris. On a winter night she finds Suli, an 8-year-old Eritrean boy, sobbing in front of her shelter. Bound by their marginal conditions, they embark together on an emotional journey to find his mother.
Feature FilmNarrative Features


20 | Brazil | 2020

Virtual Screening
Marilene's search for her missing child, a trans woman, guides her gaze upward: to hope.
ShortsLGBTQ ShortsLGBTQInternational FilmGenderWomen

Weed & Wine

88 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 2nd @ 8:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 4th @ 1:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
A lyrical love letter to both weed and wine, WEED & WINE peeks behind the curtain at two oft-hidden professions: that of a French vintner and a California cannabis grower, who face converging uncertainties as they bring their children into their business and their wares to market.
Feature FilmDocumentary Competition


7 | United States | 2019

Virtual Screening
He's the superhero you never knew you needed and soon won't want to live without!
ShortsMidnite Lite ShortsFlorida FilmComedy

Whales Don't Swim

22 | France | 2019

Virtual Screening
An unlikely friendship forms between bullied Yves and popular Charlotte fueled by their love for synchronized swimming.
ShortsThrough Children's Eyes: European Narrative ShortsChildrenInternational FilmSports

What We Find In The Night

12 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
Her son's childhood stolen, Rachel is haunted by her deceased father, who never witnessed hers.
ShortsNarrative ShortsInternational FilmLatinoGriefFamily

Window Boy Would Also Like To Have A Submarine

80 | Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Netherlands, Philippines | 2020

Virtual Screening
May 3rd @ 11:30 am @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
May 4th @ 2:30 pm @ CMX CinéBistro Siesta Key
On a cruise ship off the Patagonian coast, a crewman discovers a magical portal leading into a woman's apartment. Simultaneously, Filipino villagers happen upon a frightening concrete hut. These 2 stories are woven together into a cinematographic labyrinth. Somewhere between engine rooms and living rooms, between the sea and the jungle, individuals observe one another with curiosity, skepticism, and anxiety.
Indie Visions CompetitionFeature Film

Women In Blue

88 | USA | 2020

Virtual Screening
Beginning with George Floyd’s murder and flashing back over a 3-year span, this documentary offers an unprecedented look into the Minneapolis PD under its first female police chief (Janeé Harteau). It chronicles her work to reform a department grappling with racism and officer misconduct. The film reveals the limits of incremental reform and asks, “Could increased gender equity and more women (especially women of color) in police departments contribute to greater public safety?”
WomenFeature FilmDocumentaryPoliceAfrican American Sidebar

Wuhan Wuhan

95 | China | 2020

Virtual Screening
When Wuhan went on lockdown, it was nearly impossible to get a clear sense of what was happening. This documentary captures life at the epicenter, including portraits of a couple expecting a baby, quarantined families in a byzantine shelter, medical workers, and a psychologist. In a time when the world needs greater cross-cultural understanding, WUHAN WUHAN is an invaluable depiction of a metropolis joining together to overcome a crisis.
CovidFeature FilmDocumentary

Youth V Gov

107 | United States | 2020

Virtual Screening
YOUTH V. GOV is the story of America’s youngest citizens taking on the world’s most powerful government. Twenty-one courageous youths lead a groundbreaking lawsuit against the U.S. government. They assert that it has willfully acted over 6 decades to create our climate crisis, thus endangering their constitutional rights to life, liberty, and property. If these young people are successful, they’ll not only make history, they’ll change the future.
EducationFeature FilmDocumentary

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